My Top 27 Perfumes: Part 1:

You’ve probably figured out I love perfume, I have been gifted with 27 over the years and today I countdown my favourites three at a time. This is a  series that will probably be updated if I get more perfume.

27: Our Moment by 1D.

This is the pinkest perfume I own, in smell and in bottle! A light pink jewel is a nice way to go on your first perfume and the top has fabric that is gorgeous to feel and don’t even get me started on the crown.

Onto smell and pink grapefruit is what I get with a little bit of red current too, very girly, quite feminine and princess-like.

26: That Moment by 1D.

Following OM is its sister scent, this time the fabric is replaced by a fake diamond, the gem is solid plastic instead of glass like the last one.

Green apple is what dominates the perfume, it’s refreshing and nice to wear when going out.

25: Taylor by Taylor Swift:



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