Throwback Thursday: Another Stripe on the roof incident.

Lately, I’ve been showing you the perfumes I’ve designed and I realized the cats haven’t gotten ANY blog time since their introductions (click the ‘Family & Animals’ in the categories to the right, Stripe is in part 1) so that must change! As it’s Thursday, I figured I’d do a throwback. And to a personal favourite event of mine, it involved Stripe getting on the roof of my family’s house, again.

He’s done this before (See in the ‘Events’ category) but this time was WAY more scarier, Stripe gets on the roof by climbing the cat run that the other cats go into to play and then proceeds to explore.

Silly Stripe was on the lower part of the roof and he planned to jump onto the window ledge that shows my sitting room that I have, from then I’d open the window and let him in through there, but in a accident that scared the life out of me and my mam, Stripe slipped and fell!

The similarities between this event and the latest one are scary, as was the fall. Fortunately he wasn’t injured as he had muddy paws which (we didn’t see exactly where he fell) implies he landed on his paws in my Grandma’s flower bed, which is below the ledge.

I’m just thankful he went unharmed by the incident, but one thing’s for sure, is that it never stopped him from trying again!

I’ll probably do more of these ‘Stripe Mischiefs’ and others involving the other kitties!


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