My Top 27 Perfumes: Part 2:

24: L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci:

This fragrance was created shortly after World War II in the year 1948, the doves on the top are supposed to represent peace.

What a perfect spring time scent, it’s green and wonderful with the carnation on the top of it, spicy as well as green, it’s spring in a bottle.

23: Chanel No 5:

This iconic perfume is practically a time machine, it transports me to the golden age of Hollywood which must have been a magical time given that this scent was worn by the rich and famous (Marilyn Monroe), African orange flower is here in this perfume, in fact the whole scent is quite orangey (I can see why the liquid itself is the colour that is it) and it’s gorgeous, lovely for a night out on the town.

22: Royal Revolution by Katy Perry:




This scent, was created as the ultimate evening time smell, inspired by the beauty of sunsets in the summer and put that stunning scenery into a dusky pink crayon bottle.

It opens with a luxurious burst of pink grapefruit, filling the air with the beginning of the sun’s setting.

Next comes the awesomeness of fresh apricot, the prime of the sunset is gorgeous and orange, literally as orange follows apricot in the glamour.

Currents come as the sun hides, red and black join up to make a smell of pure beauty.

I simply remember my favourite things:


I thought I’d share with you sites I follow, so others can check them out and if they like them. is a website of which people can make free petitions up about things they want to change and others that care about the same issue can sign the petition. Eventfully if the petition gets enough signatures, it will be taken to decision makers who decide if it gets made into a reality. If there’s something you’d like to change, this is the site for you, I’ve left an example of a petition below, it’s quite easy to make one up yourself.

Next, I have a perfume website called Fragrantica, it lists hundreds of perfume and their notes and the info behind them. If you make an account up (free and easy to create) you can leave reviews, vote on if it’s a day or night and compare perfumes to one and other.

I’ve left links to Fragrantica and below, if you want to check these out, go ahead.



Fan Fragrances: Christmas Coronation

A winter limited edition of Katy Perry’s Killer Queen was released by Coty in December 2016 in the US and UK.

The bottle follows the original design, this time the liquid is a emerald green colour and the stopper is a dark shade of red.

The top notes are patchouli, sour cherries, the middle notes are almond, ginger and plum and the base is green apple and musk.

This is sold exclusively as a box set, Christmas Coronation comes in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles and comes with a 60ml shower gel.

24th May 2016:

Some changes have gone on since my post on the 17th.

The weather was bad and damp so we rescheduled the grooming session with my friend Jenny to yesterday (23th) and shortly after we cancelled Jenny, my parents discovered a lump on my dog Belle.

Luckily the vet confirmed that the lump was nothing serious but it had to be removed via surgery to avoid Belle getting nerve damage in the future and the earliest we could get her booked in (The vet said the sooner the better) was Wednesday, the day of my dentist appointment to put on a fissure so it had to be rescheduled to Friday, it went well and the whole trip took half an hour in total, I even had an x-ray!

As for Belle, needn’t worry as she is doing ok following her operation, she went in for it in the morning, it took a couple hours to do, was successful and the vet decided she could come home in the evening. She was slightly wobbly at first but by today, she’s as bright as ever!

And on the subject of Jenny, the weather was alright this time and she basically helped us bring the ponies in for dinner and bedtime and saw how our horsey schedule works. She then discussed things I could learn, long reining and plaiting the manes!

The Little Things That Make Me Laugh: Part 1

My cat Stripe tried to make an escape to the upstairs bedroom last night and it made me think of the littlest things that my cats do and sometimes, are the funniest.

One time my ginger boy Freddie got tangled (literally) up in a pile of cardboard paper, he freaked out and came running down the stairs like a rocket in a attempt to get the paper off of him. After it eventfully came off after some running around the downstairs, a petrified Freddie hid under the staircase and had to be coaxed out with some chicken!

Then there was the time that my tuxedo boy cat Rocky had a fanboy moment with his idol, our tabby man Stripe (I say man because he’s the oldest and the heaviest to pick up!)

I opened the front door so that Stripe could come inside but in a completely left field move, Rocky zoomed and out of the door and chased Stripe… for all about ten seconds before he realized he was OUTSIDE.

Rocky is an indoor cat and he’s never gone further than the car run that made for them and he was certainly further away than he would have liked, he ended up collapsing on the ground in terror and my Mam brought him back inside, where he ran into the kitchen and hid under a chair for the rest of the day.

Definitely make another of these as there’s tons of times that the kitties have hilariously scared themselves!

Fan Fragrance: Autumn Fantasy

Autumn Fantasy is a fragrance created by Britney Spears and Elizabeth Arden.

This perfume, made with the fall season in mind, was released exclusively to European markets in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles on October 16th 2010.

The fragrance was inspired by Autumn, September woods and the festival Halloween.

The bottle’s design is identical to its successors, this time however, the bottle is a dark, almost leafy, orange colour with white crystals.

This fragrance contains pumpkins, red apples, apricots, melon, peony, musk and cherries.

An existing gift set contains a 9 ml lip-gloss and a body lotion and shower gel.

17th of May 2016:

Hey everybody, I figured I’d give you all an update on my life behind the screen.

I am slightly more active than usual, this afternoon my new friend Jenny is coming to groom my horses with me.

I met Jenny a fortnight ago when my other friend Amanda introduced us, as Jenny’s her temporary replacement at her job while Amanda’s on maternity leave. We found we are both horsey kinds of people and Jenny really likes Charlie and Lola (my two ponies) so we arranged to have a grooming session. So excited!

Tomorrow morning, I have to go to the dentist to have my final fissure sealant put one of my teeth, so I may not get around to posting a Inside Out theory I made up (The dentist only called up on Monday to ask us to come in) that day but it will definitely be up before the 22th of this month.

Also, remember Wreck It Bob?

Well, that creature of evil struck last night when my parents were watching TV, my mam had her cup on a cushion next to the sofa and Bob jumped up onto it, knocked the cup off and tea went all over the shop!

Wreck it Bob did not leave after the tea was cleaned up, instead Bob chased the other kitties around till bedtime, by which point Bob had overwrecked and reverted back to Elsa and fell asleep!

Event: Holly’s Brush With Inspiration

One funny time with my tabby cat Holly, was one evening when I was watching a nature show, all about the different wild cats. She joined me as I started watching and about five minutes in, a cat called the ‘Bornean bay cat’ was shown jumping around some trees and even climbing some of them, and Holly’s eyes went almost completely black, the bay cat started running towards the screen and she ran behind the sofa! Literally, gone in a flash!

She stayed there for a little bit, until she popped out and became enamoured with this huge cat, she was sitting right in the front of the TV screen, studying the cat’s every movement.

Next morning, she self confirmed she was inspired by that cat, when she jumped onto a very high window in the bathroom! (Like the one above)

The only window in the bathroom is very high and narrow, almost reaches the ceiling and from the table leaning against on the wall that the window’s built into, she leapt up and landed onto the window! Something only my older cat Rocky has done once!

Cherry Grass:

How to be a calm person? Wear this refreshing scent.

The clue is in the title, a big juicy, rich cherry is dripped over a just mowed lawn, grass mixed well with the red fruit.

Bamboo is grown in the field too, with trees of cucumber. All coming together as one to refresh and relax you.

All within a aqua, almost teal blue, inspired by the ozone and childhood beaches that provide calmness, just like the fragrance itself.

Keep Calm And Love Perfume.