Introducing my two pet dogs!

Along with two horses and six cats:

I have two dogs, of whom I shall share with you today!

Belle is a ginger Labrador, she is nine years old in July and we got her from a family selling their dogs’ puppies when we were living in England.

She isn’t all that bright of a doggy, often running into things, forgetting where she left her ball, when it’s time to go for a walk, etc.

She came with us to Scotland and she would go and paddle in the sea on the local beaches when no one was looking!

However, one thing she is very good at, is eating. She can never wait for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a talent when it comes to begging at the table! It seems to be a ginger thing, my cat Freddie has a food obsession as well.

Belle usually spends her days, watching TV with my grandmother down at her sitting room.

Kyra is a collie dog, she is three years old and she brought her the same time as we brought our twin tuxedo cats, Rocky and Lilly.

Unlike Belle (Who behaves quite well most of the time) Kyra messes around all day, she brings her muddy toy balls inside (Which within a few weeks of giving them to her she has turned into battered pieces of plastic) sometimes urinates on the house floors and tries to bite the bottom of my horses, Charlie and Lola.

She does love us though and often gives us her ball to throw across the garden and sleeps under our feet in the kitchen, she and Belle are quite good friends and run around the fields together!

Those are my doggies, scroll up for intros on my horses and cats!


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