Karnival Kiss:

At the moment I have a thing for perfumes, I really love creating a scent and turning into something amazing. It’s my dream to one day have a fragrance of mine on the market, not for money, that’s something that’s barely sprung to mind. I want it to be on the market so others can smell what I made!

My mam was thoughtful enough to buy me a fruit essential oils kit from perfumer website Plush Folly and it contains several lovely smells, I chose my three favourites and put made them into a perfume.

It’s the second fragrance I’ve made and here is the description for it.

Karnival Kiss
Strawberry, watermelon & pineapple.
This reviving scent was inspired by summer mornings and Brazilian festivals. The opening act of the show is a powerful punch of wild strawberry, enveloping the wearer in a cloud of pinkness.
Then, comes the main event. Watermelon puts on a jaw dropping show and refreshed everything it touches.
The finale is pineapple, closing the show perfectly with its subtlety, grace and charm.
A party captured into an eye catching purple crayon, this is for those who just gotta get down in the summer.


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