Introducing my six cats! Part 2:

Following Lily is her twin brother Rocky, who we got as the same time as Lilly.

Rocky is also tuxedo and unlike Lily he is very naughty, those naughty things are motivated by his idol, Stripe. Whom Rocky bows down to haplessly, he believes Stripe wants to be his friend but that’s most definitely not the case. In fact his whole obsession with Stripe started when Rocky went to see Stripe in the hall and Stripe decided to whack him over the head! It did him some brain damage and Rocky’s never been the same since the incident!

Proof Rocky was affected and had a Stripe obsession came when Stripe was at the front door and I opened it to let him in when Rocky came out of the blue, ran outside and chased Stripe! (Stripe is the only cat who roams outdoors) Silly Rocky had never been outside like that before and collapsed on the ground in fear until my mam collected him, Rocky then spent the rest of the day hiding on the kitchen chair, he left himself mildly traumatized.

Holly is next, she’s tabby and born in August 2013 and used to be a boy! A mistake was same when she was born and when we originally got her, we called her Olly. But then my Dad took her to the vet to be neutered, they discovered she was actually a girl.

She comes into my bedroom and wakes me up in the mornings, sunbathes in the SHADE in the cat run (that’s where the others that aren’t Stripe go and play outside) and meows really loudly if she’s being hugged for too long. She is also Elsa’s (in part 3’s) mentor, which isn’t always a good idea as she too has done evil things.

One time was when she and Fred (also in part 3) found a gap at the top of the cat run that they could fit through and while Fred managed to get out and climbed onto the greenhouse roof (the cat run is right beside that) Holly got a bit stuck trying to get out and had to be squeezed out by my parents. Fred (who was very scared by that point) was later rescued by Dad and his step ladder.

Part 3:

PS: Google ‘cat run pictures’ if you don’t know what a cat run is.


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