Introducing my six cats! Part 1:

I am making an article in three parts as unlike my horses (Link of introduction here: I have a lot of cats, so I’ll introduce two at a time.

Stripe is the oldest of the gang and the only cat to go outside and roam, he’s a tabby and we got him when he was a kitten while me and my family were living in Scotland and he has always been King of Everything.

He jumps on things and ‘owns’ them, even people!

However he is often lets loose a wild streak and does things he’s not supposed to, here’s an example:

Lilly is two years younger than Stripe, is a tuxedo cat and has a twin brother named Rocky.

We got them in January 2013 after my family moved to Ireland, and she couldn’t be more different from her bro, she’s a 24/7 worrier, hides from all visitors and has jinxing powers. Yep, jinxing powers. She hates it when I have to go out and about so she jinxes something to stop it from happening.

One especially evil time was when I had to go to the dentist and halfway into the journey there, my dad got a call to say the lady who was going to look at my teeth had to cancel due to her mother being taken ill, how could we tell Lily had jinxed? She had a snug look on her when she came back home.

Part 2 here:



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