Introducing my two horses!

I decided that my two horses deserve some blog time on here, so I’m making an introduction page!

The first is Lola, she’s around 12 or 13 years old and she’s a white/sand brown/mud brown pony.

All those /’s are there because she likes to roll around in the sanded arena we built for them.

We like to call her ‘Showpony’ as in the Barry Manalow song ‘Copacabana’, he sings ‘Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl’ and seeing as Lola’s a horse, we changed it to Showpony.

There’s one thing Lola loves more than anything else in the world is carrots.

She requires carrot if she’s to go anywhere and she’ll turn her back to you if you don’t give her carrot. ‘Keep Calm And Give Me Carrots’ is her motto!

She also has a habit of running around in the mud in our field with Charlie.

Charlie (Google ‘Charlie and Lola’ to see where I got their names from ;)) is around six years old and he’s white with dark grey patches.

Going back to Barry, we call him Cha Cha as Barry sings ‘She would merengue and do the cha-cha’.

He has not very many manners as before we got him he had not spent much time in a stable and mainly in a field with other horses, he does like to refuse to go into (and sometimes come out of) his stable, stop for grass when he’s not supposed and try to lick Lola (She responds by getting in a huff and puffing at him).

Him and Lola have a love-hate relationship, one minute they’ll be fighting and chasing each other, the next minute they’ll be eating with each other contently.

That was my horses, look out for my articles on my dogs and cats soon!




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