Event: My cat’s mischief on the roof.

Yesterday, something happened that did not pleased anyone in my household.

I have six cats: Two tuxedos (Rocky and Lily), a ginger cat called Freddie, a calico called Elsa and two tabbies (Holly and Stripe)

Stripe (above) was the one who caused all of the panic, he’s six on the first of May and unless the others (as they are a bit younger) he goes outside into our fields to roam. Only yesterday he did not roam but instead climbed up upon the roof and got stuck!

It all had the worse timing (I think Stripe knew that as well), my grandmother is on holiday in England and my dad was at the shops, so me and my mam were on our own. It had also been raining so that made it even harder for Stripe to come down due to the risk of slipping.

Mam eventfully parked her car below the roof and Stripe jumped/slipped onto it.

Today he is alright and back to roaming, they do say cats have nine lives!


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