Introducing my two pet dogs!

Along with two horses and six cats:

I have two dogs, of whom I shall share with you today!

Belle is a ginger Labrador, she is nine years old in July and we got her from a family selling their dogs’ puppies when we were living in England.

She isn’t all that bright of a doggy, often running into things, forgetting where she left her ball, when it’s time to go for a walk, etc.

She came with us to Scotland and she would go and paddle in the sea on the local beaches when no one was looking!

However, one thing she is very good at, is eating. She can never wait for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a talent when it comes to begging at the table! It seems to be a ginger thing, my cat Freddie has a food obsession as well.

Belle usually spends her days, watching TV with my grandmother down at her sitting room.

Kyra is a collie dog, she is three years old and she brought her the same time as we brought our twin tuxedo cats, Rocky and Lilly.

Unlike Belle (Who behaves quite well most of the time) Kyra messes around all day, she brings her muddy toy balls inside (Which within a few weeks of giving them to her she has turned into battered pieces of plastic) sometimes urinates on the house floors and tries to bite the bottom of my horses, Charlie and Lola.

She does love us though and often gives us her ball to throw across the garden and sleeps under our feet in the kitchen, she and Belle are quite good friends and run around the fields together!

Those are my doggies, scroll up for intros on my horses and cats!


Karnival Kiss:

At the moment I have a thing for perfumes, I really love creating a scent and turning into something amazing. It’s my dream to one day have a fragrance of mine on the market, not for money, that’s something that’s barely sprung to mind. I want it to be on the market so others can smell what I made!

My mam was thoughtful enough to buy me a fruit essential oils kit from perfumer website Plush Folly and it contains several lovely smells, I chose my three favourites and put made them into a perfume.

It’s the second fragrance I’ve made and here is the description for it.

Karnival Kiss
Strawberry, watermelon & pineapple.
This reviving scent was inspired by summer mornings and Brazilian festivals. The opening act of the show is a powerful punch of wild strawberry, enveloping the wearer in a cloud of pinkness.
Then, comes the main event. Watermelon puts on a jaw dropping show and refreshed everything it touches.
The finale is pineapple, closing the show perfectly with its subtlety, grace and charm.
A party captured into an eye catching purple crayon, this is for those who just gotta get down in the summer.

Introducing my six cats! Part 3:

Freddie is a ginger cat and was born the same time as Holly, we got him the month after we got Holly and if there’s one thing he loves, it’s food.

The more, the merrier he is and he has a genuine passion for anything edible! He actually comes into the sitting room, sits on the sofa and watches the TV if he figures out it’s the cooking show ‘The Great British Bake Off’ (Google ‘GBBO’)

One life problem Fred has, is that he is a naturally fluffy cat and that makes people want to pick him up and hug him, which he does NOT like that much as he wants to be seen as this brave, manly warrior of DOOM!… Even though he’s about as threatening as a pencil. A very fluffy pencil.

Last but not least is Elsa, named after the Disney heroine, she’s a year old in May and is calico.

She had a tough start as she was found in the middle in a road as a kitten completely lost, she was Frozen and thus the cat rescuers named Elsa, she also had funny ears and used to get dizzy spells.

Today, the vet’s fixed her ears and is 100% healthy. All three of her.

I say ‘all three of her’ as she like to say she has alter egos. One is called ‘Wreck it Bob’ (Once again we looked to Disney) and the name gives it all away, she usually kicks stuff about and down the stairs, she also chases the others around and jump on things.

‘Gary’ tends to, not to wreck things but instead steal things. Eggs, toy mice, socks, anything!

Those are my cats! Here’s part 1 and 2 here:

Introducing my six cats! Part 2:

Following Lily is her twin brother Rocky, who we got as the same time as Lilly.

Rocky is also tuxedo and unlike Lily he is very naughty, those naughty things are motivated by his idol, Stripe. Whom Rocky bows down to haplessly, he believes Stripe wants to be his friend but that’s most definitely not the case. In fact his whole obsession with Stripe started when Rocky went to see Stripe in the hall and Stripe decided to whack him over the head! It did him some brain damage and Rocky’s never been the same since the incident!

Proof Rocky was affected and had a Stripe obsession came when Stripe was at the front door and I opened it to let him in when Rocky came out of the blue, ran outside and chased Stripe! (Stripe is the only cat who roams outdoors) Silly Rocky had never been outside like that before and collapsed on the ground in fear until my mam collected him, Rocky then spent the rest of the day hiding on the kitchen chair, he left himself mildly traumatized.

Holly is next, she’s tabby and born in August 2013 and used to be a boy! A mistake was same when she was born and when we originally got her, we called her Olly. But then my Dad took her to the vet to be neutered, they discovered she was actually a girl.

She comes into my bedroom and wakes me up in the mornings, sunbathes in the SHADE in the cat run (that’s where the others that aren’t Stripe go and play outside) and meows really loudly if she’s being hugged for too long. She is also Elsa’s (in part 3’s) mentor, which isn’t always a good idea as she too has done evil things.

One time was when she and Fred (also in part 3) found a gap at the top of the cat run that they could fit through and while Fred managed to get out and climbed onto the greenhouse roof (the cat run is right beside that) Holly got a bit stuck trying to get out and had to be squeezed out by my parents. Fred (who was very scared by that point) was later rescued by Dad and his step ladder.

Part 3:

PS: Google ‘cat run pictures’ if you don’t know what a cat run is.

Introducing my six cats! Part 1:

I am making an article in three parts as unlike my horses (Link of introduction here: I have a lot of cats, so I’ll introduce two at a time.

Stripe is the oldest of the gang and the only cat to go outside and roam, he’s a tabby and we got him when he was a kitten while me and my family were living in Scotland and he has always been King of Everything.

He jumps on things and ‘owns’ them, even people!

However he is often lets loose a wild streak and does things he’s not supposed to, here’s an example:

Lilly is two years younger than Stripe, is a tuxedo cat and has a twin brother named Rocky.

We got them in January 2013 after my family moved to Ireland, and she couldn’t be more different from her bro, she’s a 24/7 worrier, hides from all visitors and has jinxing powers. Yep, jinxing powers. She hates it when I have to go out and about so she jinxes something to stop it from happening.

One especially evil time was when I had to go to the dentist and halfway into the journey there, my dad got a call to say the lady who was going to look at my teeth had to cancel due to her mother being taken ill, how could we tell Lily had jinxed? She had a snug look on her when she came back home.

Part 2 here:


Introducing my two horses!

I decided that my two horses deserve some blog time on here, so I’m making an introduction page!

The first is Lola, she’s around 12 or 13 years old and she’s a white/sand brown/mud brown pony.

All those /’s are there because she likes to roll around in the sanded arena we built for them.

We like to call her ‘Showpony’ as in the Barry Manalow song ‘Copacabana’, he sings ‘Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl’ and seeing as Lola’s a horse, we changed it to Showpony.

There’s one thing Lola loves more than anything else in the world is carrots.

She requires carrot if she’s to go anywhere and she’ll turn her back to you if you don’t give her carrot. ‘Keep Calm And Give Me Carrots’ is her motto!

She also has a habit of running around in the mud in our field with Charlie.

Charlie (Google ‘Charlie and Lola’ to see where I got their names from ;)) is around six years old and he’s white with dark grey patches.

Going back to Barry, we call him Cha Cha as Barry sings ‘She would merengue and do the cha-cha’.

He has not very many manners as before we got him he had not spent much time in a stable and mainly in a field with other horses, he does like to refuse to go into (and sometimes come out of) his stable, stop for grass when he’s not supposed and try to lick Lola (She responds by getting in a huff and puffing at him).

Him and Lola have a love-hate relationship, one minute they’ll be fighting and chasing each other, the next minute they’ll be eating with each other contently.

That was my horses, look out for my articles on my dogs and cats soon!



Event: My cat’s mischief on the roof.

Yesterday, something happened that did not pleased anyone in my household.

I have six cats: Two tuxedos (Rocky and Lily), a ginger cat called Freddie, a calico called Elsa and two tabbies (Holly and Stripe)

Stripe (above) was the one who caused all of the panic, he’s six on the first of May and unless the others (as they are a bit younger) he goes outside into our fields to roam. Only yesterday he did not roam but instead climbed up upon the roof and got stuck!

It all had the worse timing (I think Stripe knew that as well), my grandmother is on holiday in England and my dad was at the shops, so me and my mam were on our own. It had also been raining so that made it even harder for Stripe to come down due to the risk of slipping.

Mam eventfully parked her car below the roof and Stripe jumped/slipped onto it.

Today he is alright and back to roaming, they do say cats have nine lives!

Review Of Taylor Swift’s Perfume ‘Taylor’

Imagine taking some vanilla pudding and mixing it with orange ice cream.

That’s what Taylor must have done in this fragrance because it smells of a wonderful mixture of oranges and vanilla.

I actually feel like an 1930s movie actress when I wear this and the top is quite Hollywood as well.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like Taylor Swift, this perfume is great for daytime and the summer, you should give it a go.

Review Of Katy Perry’s ‘Purr’ Perfume

Peach blossom was used centuries ago by Chinese single women looking for a husband. The beauty of the plant is a reason for why it’s considered lucky and women wore the blossom in their hair, as well as growing the plant in their garden, to attract men.

Today, the fruit is used to attract a male in the shape of a perfume, and that perfume is ‘Purr’.

Ripe and juicy peaches are what lead the fragrance, with a hint of oranges in there, red apples have always pleased me and that fruit is there too.

This is a go to for fruit lovers, readers should definitely try this out if you come across it.



Review Of Katy Perry’s ‘Royal Revolution’

I’d like to start off my review by saying the bottle is beautiful, the blue colour is really attractive.

I think of Katy’s song ‘Dark Horse’ when I see this bottle and I remember the first spray of this scent.

I was not aware it contained blackthorn when I brought it, I got a strong smell of pink freesia which was lovely.

After researching the perfume and discovering the blackthorn note I sprayed it again and I realized the note follows pink freesia not long after.

I recommend this for night time wear and it does remind me of the woodlands, definitely give it a try.